About ABA Monitor

ABA Monitor is owned by E-tracking Solutions LLC.

ABA Monitor is a mobile data management application designed to collect, store, graph and evaluate behavioral data. The data can be used to evaluate a client’s progress and modify behavioral intervention strategies. It can also be used in research for single case and aggregate case design reporting.

In one application, ABA Monitor provides the tools that enable companies to ensure they are collecting real time data accurately and consistently. ABA monitor allows the electronic recording of intakes and client information. It coordinates trial based data, frequency and duration based information using ABA Monitor templates or data sheets that are customizable. ABA Monitor can take a company’s personalized data sheet and turn it into an electronic format. ABA Monitor simplifies access to information for field supervisors and workers, and ABA Monitor simplifies gathering and managing information coming back from the field. ABA Monitor eliminates paper, long term storage issues and expense.

The bottom line is that if your company has access to mobile devices, if they currently put pen to paper in the field and you want to save money and collect more accrate information, then ABA Monitor is right for you.

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